• Pomeroy News Digest

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

  • 8 vending machines you’d kill to have in your office

    Let’s face it: the office vending machine fare is a little, well, stale. Candy bars, chips and pop just don’t excite us anymore. That’s why we envy workers in Colorado, where the first marijuana vending machines popped up after the Read More»

    Major abandoned buildings around the world

    Building a tower or a structure can leave companies and governments with price tags soaring upwards of millions of billions of dollars,. But when an unexpected financial crisis hits, sometimes there aren’t enough funds available to finish the project and Read More»

    Here’s how to spot a fake online review

    People trust online reviewers. A 2012 report by TripAdvisor found that travel review websites surpassed feedback from web-based travel agencies, social media and even family and friends as the “most useful” source of information when researching and planning a trip, Read More»